Who Are Our Clients?


  • The high school and collegiate athlete: We train these highly competitive athletes to prepare them for their upcoming seasons, allowing them to reach their peak performance, while keeping them injury free.
  • The adult ‘weekend warrior’ athlete: We train adult athletes, from the very competitive to the casual participant, keeping them fit and prepared to compete all year-round, with a special emphasis on injury prevention.
  • The individual who wants to achieve all-around strength and fitness, with a tailored approach prepared to meet their individual goals and needs.

Where Can We Train You?

At our facility –
Train at our facility using the most up-to-date, comprehensive array of equipment available to meet your goals. We offer one-on-one training to ensure each individual gets the proper program to suit their needs. In addition to the individual workouts, we offer group circuit classes, which are full-body workouts to help keep you ‘on track.’
In your home or office –
Realizing that many of you have very busy schedules and/or feel more comfortable exercising in your home or office, we can bring our training expertise to you so that you can maintain your fitness level, under our guidance, at the location where you feel most comfortable.


Contact us for more information on our training options: 203-550-0262