No Limit Fitness Works With You

No Limit Fitness isn’t about putting you through a crushing workout to test your guts and determination every time you come in. We’re about a true health and fitness assessment that informs us in developing your individualized workout strategy. We take your goals and current practices and we evaluate, modify, and add to them to make your plan. Finally, Berti and his team are committed help you achieve real results in the safest and most efficient way possible.


About Berti

No Limit Fitness Founder

Berti Olivetti is a personal trainer and strength coach who works with a range of clients, from the commuter who wants to stay healthy and fit, to the professional athlete who needs to get to the top of their game.  His evolution into a trainer was a natural one, beginning with his competing and participating in a broad range of sports, including soccer, baseball, freestyle swimming, rugby, and Olympic Weightlifting. Having spent a large part of his life in gyms, he has consistently studied training methodology and nutrition. Berti first became a professional trainer in 1998 and has studied formally with top coaches, including Charles Poliquin, Ian King, Arthur Drechsler (Olympic Weightlifting), and Ivan Rojas (Olympic Weightlifting), and top physical rehabilitation specialists, including Gray Cook MSPT, OCS, CSCS, Warren Hammer Dc, and Dr. Antonio Stecco. However, the most significant and influential moment in his life as a trainer was the day he met Dr. Guy Voyer, whom he considers his mentor. The way he has trained himself and his clients changed from that day on, developing a better, more complete, and inspirational approach.

All personal trainers can be distinguished by the array of “tools in their toolbox,” and Berti stands above the crowd due to his versatile arsenal of skills. Berti has added extra dimensions to his work by practicing specific spine stretch techniques (ELDOA), myofascial chain stretching (MFS), targeted proprioception training, and fascial manipulation techniques (FM). Not only do these make him an ideal trainer to help those suffering from any sort of injury or muscular/structural imbalance, but it has also furnished him with an incisive understanding of what makes the human body perform at it’s optimal level, something that is of vital importance when working with clients who want to achieve a balanced, stronger, and leaner physique.

At No Limit Fitness Berti brings together a community of trainers who, through both individual and group work, carry the passion, knowledge, and work ethic that match his own professional standards.


Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM

Certified Personal Trainer, NASM

Fascial Manipulation Level II, FMA

Specialty Areas

Weight Loss

Toning & Definition

Lifestyle Weight Management

Athletic Performance

Olympic Weightlifting

Reconditioning, Rehabilitation, & Injury Prevention

Golf Strength and Conditioning

Functional Movement Assessment

Myofascial Chain Stretching

Postural/Structural Balance

Complete Body Transformation Programs

Training Philosophy

Motivation. Dedication. Education. By using those three principles over the last 15 years Berti has seen his clients achieve goals they never thought possible. You owe it to yourself to invest in your health and adopt a holistic exercise program that is specifically designed to meet your needs.


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